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The pen mouse that is very convenient to use anytime and anywhere

Not only does it help reduce the inconvenience of using a mouse but also boosts your confidence when you perform a presentation.
You can write and even draw with it anytime and anywhere!

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The Police wireless security microphone

The wireless security microphone is designed to prevent any interference and wiretapping for police and security by utilizing the digital method.

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The system for fire engines and special vehicles

The system and components designed for fire engines, ambulances, signboards for road construction and command vehicles

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The Induction cooker

Our electric induction cooker helps you save energy.
It does so by not emitting any gases which can cause environmental pollution.

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about company

International Science Venture (ISV) is comprised of wireless telecommunication technology, motion sensing technology, and optical surface movement tracking technology and also produces diverse products based on our technology to control special vehicle systems.

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